Monday, November 24, 2008

Three new releases

Today was an extremly busy day, I release three new open-source projects to the world which meant, packaging, writing html pages, pdf guides, nothing that is really programming :)

The releases are:

TCP/IP Library V5.1

New features are two classes that implement asynchronous TCP encrypted by SSL using OpenSSL (I wrote about it in my first post) and asynchronous TCP encrypted by BlowFish algorithm.

Aho-Corasick search algorithm

This is one of the best multiple string search algorithm, me and my friend Eyal brainstormed about string search algorithms for parental control, my old algorithm was unefficient, something in the likes of O((k^2)*log(n)), k - number of letters in the searched string, n - the number of words in the dictionary, and now with the new Aho-Corasick algorithm it dropped down to O(n+k), k - number of letters in the search string, k - longest dictionary word length, quite a difference :)

Komodia's Relay

This is an open-source relay that I release a long time ago, I decided to post a compiled version of it today after I used it myself to simulate port-forwarding on my machine to allow a friend to use SSH to connect to a VM linux machine (to test a new project of mine)

This was a long productive day, I'm very happy :)


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