Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Good news, I just finished the newest class that I'm going to publish as part of V5.1 of the TCP/IP library, a symmetrical encrypted socket. I'm using the Blowfish algorithm, since I have a very easy implementation class of this encryption and there aren't any export restrictions. Before using this class I thought of using CryptoPP (http://www.cryptopp.com/) however the "release" version of this library is 18mb which was a big no for me.

There are two kinds of products that you can market, products with existing markets, and you only need to be better than the competition and products without a market, which means the market is new and you will have to let the market know you exist.

Lets take a case scenario, my friend Zak product (http://www.reimage.com) is fixing the XP OS. Suppose he will want to market his product, he will need to advertise the same way as his competition is advertising, a good keyword to advertise with would be "XP Repair". I want to advertise my Komodia Redirector (http://www.komodia.com/index.php?page=redirector.html), which words to use? How do I reach my target costumers? There's no competition, my product is the only one that is on the market. The way I currently market it is by bringing people into my website for information about components that such a product will use, e.g. suppose you come to my shop and buy an engine, gear, oil, fuel, I can assume you want to create a car, so when people come to my site and look for LSP, the Redirector will probably be a product that they will be interested in.



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